About Kwiddity

The origin of ‘Kwiddity’
The word ‘quiddity’ refers to the inherent nature or essence of someone or something. With a few letter changes and some creative brainstorming over a great cup of coffee, the concept of Kwiddity was born! The idea is to encourage people to tap into their inner nature or essence and share it with the rest of the world, one experience at-a-time!
What is Kwiddity?
Kwiddity is really about sharing your passion, knowledge or experience – your essence! Everyone has something to share, even those who believe they don’t. Kwiddity.com provides a high quality social marketplace platform for sharing personal experiences. Our aim is to be a catalyst for positive changes in the global community, by bringing people together who have a desire to share experiences based on creativity, adventure, service, connectivity, respect and uniqueness.
Kwiddity is about sharing your passion.
What are you passionate about? Food? Fabrics? Furry creatures? Or is it music, marionettes or yes … margaritas!? Don’t hold back. Get others excited about what you are passionate about!
Kwiddity is about sharing your knowledge.
Do you specialize in a particular area? Are you a ‘Jack of all trades’? I want to write and publish a book…can you help me? I want to finally understand exactly what rocket science is… can you show me!? I want to learn how to make the best curry in the world … can you teach me? What do you know that might be of interest to others?
Kwiddity is about sharing your life experience.
Do you have experience that could make a difference in someone else’s life? Have you survived difficult times that could inspire others to continue on their journey? Do you have business experience to share that could help someone achieve their goals? Your life experience could be a valuable commodity, so why not share it!?
Kwiddity is about creating a global community
Although access to social media has created unprecedented levels of connectivity in the human race, people are hungering for a true, authentic experience of connecting with someone else. This is what we are all about. We believe that electronic platforms are perfect for making connections but the real experiences, the ones that have the power to transform lives take place face-to-face.
So…what are you curious about?

The Kwiddity Team

  • C.J. Macdonald (Chief Technology) started writing software in the early 80s and has developed for the web since the mid 90s. He has lived in five countries and travelled around the planet more than once. He has a BA from Queen’s University in Canada and an MBA from San Francisco State University.

  • Michel Leroux (Business Operations) holds degrees in Computing and Information Science, Education of Mathematics, and credits in Marketing, Accounting and Human Resources from Queen’s University, Canada and Heriot-Watt University, UK. He and his wife Christine have lived and worked in ten different countries.

  • Christine Hanna (Charity & Outreach Program) holds diplomas and degrees in Veterinary Technology, Psychology, and Education from St Lawrence College, Queen’s University, Canada and Sunderland University, UK. She has travelled extensively. Christine is also a photographer and a fractal artist.

  • Kristine Hanna (Human Resources) has been travelling the globe since the age of 13. Growing up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia, Kristine holds a degree in Theatre and a diploma in teaching. She has been working with youth at risk and children with disabilities in schools for the past 15 years.

  • Patrick Hanna (Customer Relations) enjoyed a career in law enforcement in Canada and later, operating a construction business in Australia where he now lives with his wife Kristine. For most of 2013, Pat supervised the construction of a children’s home in rural Thailand.

  • Cher-Anne Knightingale (Creative Director) & Ellis C. Hanna Knightingale (Business Development) Cher and Ellis have been building businesses together over the past 24 years. They have worn many hats together and shared a number of "Kwiddities", from working in Graphic Design, Photography, starting an Art Gallery, to designing condo offices and food stores. They have also built and run restaurants, creating romantic jeweled environments to escape into. Both live in Toronto, Ontario